Editor's Picks: Practicing Mindfulness So You Don't Punch Someone In The Face #Facts


In the hectic New York City lifestyle, we seem to live in, there is nothing more precious than where our energy and thoughts go to, and conserving them. We always have our phones and computers on, economic pressures, work, life, and family obligations, it can pretty much feel impossible to be on top of everything. Moreover, which we don’t automatically notice - is it disrupts our natural balance. The overwhelming effect often leads to anxiety, fear, and depression, which are big components to affecting our day and/or lives. And if the idea of checking out of life and running to the beach or avoiding responsibility, is NOT an option - we definitely need to learn to approach things in a gentler way and we can.

The key is how you react to your thoughts. If you focus too much on your thoughts and emotions, you let them control you. Your thoughts or worries are never going to stop. Understanding them, however, and then letting them go or "giving it to God" can be more helpful than you actually think. You do not need to have an emotional attachment to them. Instead, recognize them and let them go. Yes, let them go. Think of how the wind passes through your hair; thoughts are fleeting and should be. Emotional intelligence and taking time to learn it isn't like grocery shopping - it is a commitment to self. You can call it prayer, practicing mindfulness, meditation, and add it to your morning routine every day.

The day I started, I instantly felt at peace. I concentrated on my breath and body instead of my thoughts. I sat in a very comfortable position (not laying down or I would probably fall asleep, just being honest) and I just was. I read the word before and after, and even throughout the day. To steady my mind and not lose sight of not just my emotions, but that of others. People tend to get very triggered within their own emotional misunderstanding - and, that is okay. You are only responsible for YOU. And how you react, both for yourself and for others. You only live once in this physical body and mind, and you do not have to be a product of your up bringing or environment.

So, we pulled together some steps from the Bible; and motivational authors, meditation teachers, and decided to share. I, personally, pray and practice mindfulness everyday in the morning and throughout my day. There are an abundant amount of books and prominent speakers that shed more light on this concept, which is worth looking into for your own sanity. If you want to see, feel and react differently throughout your day and your life try to remember, no matter what, practicing your peace is more than just reading a book, listening to a video or attending an event - you have to apply it to your lifestyle everyday.

The goal of mindfulness isn’t to suppress thinking, but to surpass it.
— Unknown



Take a deep breath and sigh it out. Sit comfortably and relax your body as much as you can. You do not need to be in “lotus position” or bent over in some odd yoga pose, whether you are sitting upright in a chair or sitting on top of your bed - just be.


Close your eyes and find the place in your body where you feel your breath most prominently. Could be your chest, abs, or nostrils. Start to focus your attention in a gentle way to your breathing – this works as an anchor point.


Within a few seconds, distractions like thoughts, body sensations, or images will start to bubble up. Realize that this is totally normal and gently return to your breath “anchor point” and focus. Continue to concentrate on your breathing until it is the only thing you sense. Until you have this down pat, keep practicing. Once you do have this locked down, you can always add in your visions - visions of love, hope, joy, success, healing. Anything that makes you truly smile. Feel it in your vision, feel it to a point that it feels so real you can't help but to be joyous while you're in it. You can do this even if you only have 5 minutes, and make sure you are happy or uplifted after your prayer or meditation. Your body and mind do not know the difference between real or future visions and ideas. It goes on what you feed it. If you feed it rotten fruit, it will produce rotten fruit. If you feed your mind with love, prosperity, and blessings - more love, prosperity, and blessings will appear.

We've heard it throughout time and books, science and quantum physics, and like any successful endeavor - it takes actual work to produce results. Your peace should be on the top of your list and a highly successful endeavor to achieve. Make your daily prayer and meditation a consistent practice, like picking up your phone to look at your Instagram or emails (intended sarcasm). I just hope the same amount of time you give to the nonexistent world - you give to yourself.