A Piece On The Holistic Side Of Things

There comes a definitive moment in your life when enough is enough and a cleansing is needed. You are not meant to run errands 24/7 and drive yourself into a stress wall. You need to slow down and pay attention to your whole being. Try to understand and listen to yourself from the inside out. The word holistic means whole, and a holistic cleanse is intended to put every segment of your life into complete balance. It is true — you are the only person who can make yourself healthy!

First and foremost, it is not just about food. Your whole self involves your mental state, emotional and spiritual well-being, your physical activity, relationships, career, and your goals. What do you want for yourself? For your family? For your career? These are the questions you need to ask. It is essential to get yourself in order, which will allow you to be right where you want to—happy.


Why Should I Be Healthy?

Listen up; an overtly abundant proportion of society is in ill health, suffering from conditions such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other psychological and physiological ailments. In all truth, your wellness should be your priority. Unpredictable factors play in the game of life and choosing to live a holistic, healthy and joyous lifestyle; can benefit and affect the now and those in it.

As a Whole

You will need to develop adequate plans to put your goals in to action and to live a life of your dreams.

To start, connect with your expressive, emotional and spiritual self. Find out what triggers you; good and bad, and get it! You have already been told to follow your heart and do the things that make you feel good. However, what makes you feel bad is just as important. Why? You are a creature of balance, whether you have learned about religion or practiced spirituality or even the law of physics—you are made up of energy. Too much bad brings you more bad energy and too much good, well you get the point. The bad is just as much apart of you as the good. It is time you notice, examine and accept the bad, and learn to appreciate it. It isn’t God that does harm to us; it is people that do harm. Break out of your harmful cycle by gaining knowledge of it. Once you do this, it will live inside of you like a calm little sibling and not destroy all of your hard work. It just needs some attention, says Debbie Ford in her novel The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, during your praying, meditation or self-talk say thank you for it. Let it know it can calm down, as you are now aware and understand its value and purpose. You may think this is silly; I did at first.


How can I accept or for that matter understand my anger or jealousy?

You can and you will. Hook up to your intuition and spirit. Take time out for yourself and pray or meditate. Get to know who you are.

Move That Body!

A daily exercise routine will build up your feel good emotions and join you and your body to an understanding. Your body wants to take care of you and you must take care of it. Talk with a trainer or your medical or health professional on which types of exercises will benefit you and get you the results you want. A plan and schedule that works for your body will make exercising more fun and enlivening.

Build Your Relationships

It is also vital to learn how to focus on building your relationships—friendships or intimate. Open yourself to healthier communication, love, friendship and kindness, and learn to listen. Treat people the way you would like to be treated is not a saying that focused just on self, it adhered to others as well. You are a communal being and receiving love, respect and kindness makes you feel good. When you supply the same attributes to others, it makes two people feel better! Everything you do or say to the people in your life, affects you as well. If you look at someone and say, “I hate you,” you are ultimately telling yourself the same thing. Think about it, if you have one finger pointing the blame at someone, there are three pointing right back at you! Says the amazing Debbie Ford, co-author of the book The Shadow Effect. Your mind doesn’t know the difference; it hears the words and remembers the feeling. Try and be empathetic towards the people who are in your life, as they will affect yours in one-way or another.

Love Your Career

Finding the work you love and loving the work you find is an exercise used in job re-education. Your career is very much apart of who you are. Loving what you do most hours of the day is partly responsible towards your health and happiness. Make a list of all the things you love and somewhere in that list is the key to your new or improved career. The next step is to brainstorm and figure out how to achieve the career that you love. “Loving the work you find,” relates to the career you have now and how to make it a source of pleasure and abundance. If it is not, you need to break away from it and start to generate one that does!

All of these components are responsible for your happiness and achievements. If one area is lacking, no matter what foods you digest, you will never feel completely whole.

It’s Time to Escape the Media

Within a holistic paradigm, you will break away from an old media enforced design and into a new one. The false notions and past beliefs about the world can drain your life energy and old rules about weight, food, health and nutrition need to be reshaped. Bring yourself out of those pressures and focus on a new wish list.

The Foods


A holistic cleansing diet is based on a whole food system, which educates you on new foods and ways to cook them. A holistic diet plan will certainly break you in with ease and incorporate foods that you enjoy. Some preliminary steps include, drinking more water and finding ways to make it tastier (adding ginger or mint)! Practice your cooking and increase whole grains, and sweet and leafy green vegetables.  Experiment with new sources of protein and lower your meat, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and chemical and artificial junk food intake. Also, study how to cook simple or cook with the seasons. Learn how to work with freshly made foods and learning how to eat. Sounds pretty easy right?

You are what you eat and everything you eat causes reactions within your body. Food influences your physical, mental and emotional self. Since we are all different, the foods you ingest should support you and your needs.

Time to Deconstruct Those Cravings

Cravings are triggers to your emotional needs that aren't being met. Those triggers have to be cleansed out. Those cravings are not healthy for you. Direct yourself on a path to a more aware sense of self and align you to love and listen to your body. Shortly enough you will touch on the addictions and foods that contract or expand within your system or those that penetrate or cover up a feeling. Keep a food journal to understand what triggers your cravings and write them down. It assists in your awareness of what you are actually eating versus what you perceive!

Recognize and Forgive

One the the most important and influential pieces to the puzzle. As your diet and lifestyle continue to grow, you will feel greater sense of balance, and through this course you will become more fully present. It will make more likely to steer away from foods and people that are detrimental to your health. Your past is over. The future never comes. All you have is the present. You present time is a gift and is yours to appreciate every moment, every day, in every way. You may have had a troubled childhood or had things happen to you that should have never happened, but that was then ladies and this is your now! Let go of the past, forgive it, and know that in some glorious way what happened to you was meant to happen.

Live in your authentic self, connect to it and breathe it all in. You have the choice; it’s up to you to make it!