We Are Falling Hard…For The Perfect Camel Coat!

Be it her whimsy or just her mood swing, fall is the season when the ultimate fashion forecaster, Mother Nature. She can really send us reeling and put us in some very precarious situations when it comes to choosing our wardrobe. She can suddenly decide to change her mind and, in doing so, can change the weather faster than you can update your iOS. Let alone update your entire outfit...grrr! However, fall is the best season to have the perfect camel coat!

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Camel Coat Inspo @FrassyAudrey

Camel Coat Inspo @FrassyAudrey

The Perfect Camel Coat 

There's no reason to look or be unprepared. No matter how dramatic Mrs. Nature decides she wants to be, all one needs is a little bit of creativity and some simple planning in order to look and feel fabulously "put-together." No doubt that these selected pieces will make you completely ready for the most beautiful and unpredictable of fashion seasons. They will also keep you stylish and cozy - not a bad combo if we must say so ourselves!

Camel Coat in Paris.jpeg

Options, Layers And Minimal For Travel!

So just remember, when selecting your fall pieces it's very important that they possess a few necessary elements, versatility and adaptability. Your attire will definitely need to be versatile and be able to easily adapt to autumn's ever-changing climate requirements - options and layers are key! Especially true on those fall days when it's warm and sunny in the morning and then 40 degrees and freezing in the evening. It’s moments like those when you'll be thanking yourself over and over again for being a genius! All of this can be achieved by obtaining one or possibly two of fall's most quintessential wardrobe staples.