7 Essential Travel-Friendly Beauty Products You Need For Your Next Trip

The Code Of Style Wearing Grace and Stella Eye Masks

The Code Of Style Wearing Grace and Stella Eye Masks

Whether you’re a seasoned globe-trotter or a jet-setting novice, everyone who has traveled has experienced at least one beauty woe when it comes to the travel routine.  From your favorite products leaking all over your carry-on (the worrrrst), to the harsh dry air in the airplane cabin making you look like a character straight from the Tales of The Crypt, it may seem almost impossible to avoid one of these beauty misfortunes while traveling.  But- fear not! We have rounded up some of the best travel-friendly products to put you at ease so you have one less thing to worry about throughout hustle and bustle of traveling.  Everything from savvy space-saving makeup kits to USB charging hair tools- this guide has got you covered.

1. Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks

Like an energy drink for your eyes, The Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Formulated with collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid and minerals, these gold eye masks revitalize and rejuvenate the delicate area around the eyes creating a more awake and youthful appearance.   Pop these on under your eyes for 15- 20 minutes while you try and decide what in-flight movie to watch for a fresh and re-charged appearance.

Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks,  graceandstella.com, $21.95 for 12 pairs

2. ESYM Roll On - Essential Oil Scents


Feel the power of essential oils on your skin wherever, whenever with the ESYM Roll Ons. This little vial acts as both a fragrance and stress reliever.  With fragrances like Rose, Sandalwood and Jasmine, these oils are long lasting and designed to have you achieve a relaxed state of mind to calm all your travel-induced anxiety (what screaming infants?!). Simply swipe the fragrance on your wrist or neck and inhale deeply to prepare for your long flight.  Try the Lavender oil to aid in relaxation or the eucalyptus scent for an energizing and refreshing boost.

Roll On - Essential Oil Scents, esym.co, $28

3. From Molly With Love Travel Size Facial Skincare Set

You don’t have to sacrifice your skincare routine even when you’re on the go. This adorable travel kit contains travel-sized versions of the all-natural skin care line’s cult favorites.  The kit contains a Soothe Toner that treats dryness, redness, irritation, and problem pores, an Almond Eye Serum that helps break up the deposits of blood beneath the skin that contributes to dark circles,  a Beauty Oil that is  formulated to provide light, breathable solution for the night when your body expels toxins and a Rosewater Facial Cleanser a foaming face wash with coconut oil to lightly moisturize the skin without clogging pores.  This travel kit filled is also an excellent introduction for folks new to all-natural skin care.

From Molly With Love Travel Size Facial Skincare Set, www.frommollywithlove.com, $49.99

4. VERB Mini Dry Shampoo

VERB’s mini dry shampoo will be your best friend while traveling.  Since it is a powder formula and not aerosol,, there is no issue with carrying it on board with you.  This dry shampoo absorbs excess oil, adds volume and body, and prevents damage from washing and styling.  It is also perfect for traveling as it is a non-whitening formula so you can apply on the go without having to use a mirror.  

VERB Dry Shampoo Mini, www.amazon.com, $10

5. Go Girl Designs’ Bangle Hair Tie Bracelet

Go Girl Designs.jpg

If I had a dollar for every hair tie I have ever lost, I would be a multimillionaire.   Never lose or be on the look-out for a hair tie again with these chic bangles from Go Girl Designs that hold up to 3 hair ties.  Usually one is wrapped around a traveler’s wrist for future use or stashed somewhere in their carry-on bag. Nix sore wrist and save time looking through your bottomless bag with Go Girl Designs’ bangle bracelets that are designed to securely hold a hair tie and keep it at the ready. The chic bangles come in multiple styles and colors such as Boho and Ebony & Ivory and each bracelet comes with a matching hair tie featuring a heart-shaped charm. Go Girl Designs’ bracelets are the perfect accessory to wear on long flights, while sightseeing or hanging out on the beach for a pain-free way to wear a hair tie.

Go Girl Designs Ebony & Ivory Bangle Collection, www.gogirldesign.com, $25 per bangle

6. Renzoe Box  Modular Makeup System


The Renzoe Box is a fully customizable palette that holds your entire makeup collection in a box slightly bigger than your iPhone.  The boxes come in three sizes the smaller one for eyeshadows, medium for blush and contour and the large size for foundations and bronzers with the brushes stored in the box’s hinges.   Never again go digging through your grimy cosmetic bag searching for your mascara that *always* ends up at the bottom of your bag. With the Renzoe box, you can customize your palette with brands you love by purchasing pods on their site such as Milk Makeup, NARS, La Mer, IT Cosmetics, Lancome.  Renzoe Boxes launch in October and are available for preorder now with a November ship date.

Renzoe Box, available for preorder on www.renzoebox.com, $139 (ON SALE!)

7. CHI Cordless Styling Iron


With the CHI Escape Cordless Styling Iron, you can charge it just like a cell phone and do your hair literally anywhere traveling by air, land or sea with this cordless, compact but powerful flat iron. With a battery life of 30 minutes to an hour, you can have a freshly styled hair-do right from your seat on the airplane for your arrival.

CHI Escape Cordless Styling Iron, www.chi.com, $50 (ON SALE!)

Before your next trip, be sure to check out some of these travel essentials to maintain your beauty routine on the go. These items will help you save time and space packing, and allow you to enjoy not only the destination you’re traveling to, but the journey as well.

Written By  Ann Ragan Kearns

Written By Ann Ragan Kearns