Why This Switzerland Winery La Maison du Moulin Is The Next Wine Lovers Destination

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Switzerland’s best-hidden treasure is arguably its wine, believe it or not, and now we have let in on a delicious secret. La Maison du Moulin is one of those hidden secrets and the new destination for wine lovers. The Maison du Moulin produces natural wines to mark the brand of various terroirs in its region. In the heart of La Côte, from Vallon de L'aubonne to Coinsins, the estate covers 12 hectares of limestone, clay and sandy plots. The diversity of its soil communicates the character so particular to its wines.

As a destination, Switzerland is often overshadowed by its neighbors, however, Swiss wine regions can definitely hold their own, particularly the Lavaux region, in the hills along Lake Geneva, and German Switzerland surrounding Zurich. While Spain and Italy's year-round heat makes for full-bodied, tannic bottles, the hot days and cold nights in Switzerland lead to light, expressive, and aromatic wines.

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The wine must rise, so that the taste becomes more complex. It takes height, length. We will never add anything to speed up the natural cycle of wine. Our wines will only look better, and when we open them in 5 or even 30 years, we will remember this place, this year, what we did there, by this taste that will have crossed the time.
— Yannick, winemaker, and owner of La Maison du Moulin

Entire Magazine: Coming from a strong Portuguese wine culture background, we instantly gravitated to you La Maison du Moulin philosophy. Share with us the 'Rock, Life, Vine, Wine' philosophy?

La Maison du Moulin: Our philosophy is quite simple and results from the fact that in order to produce good wine you need to respect the nature’s cycle and what it brings to the vine.

It lies on the fact that each soil has its own history, history brought by the flora and the wildlife that created the characteristics it is made of. We give importance to each of our soils and treat them naturally - the cycles of the moon, treatments made of plants, etc. - resulting in a transmission of their attributes to the grapes and therefore to the wines we produce.

What is the story of La Maison du Moulin?

In 2009, Yannick Passas, owner and winemaker of La Maison du Moulin, took over the vineyard to install an innovative winemaking concept inspired by permaculture. An approach allowing the vines to feed on the soil and the place. The winery has expanded during the years by acquiring more vineyards.

We love how you guys merge events and wines together. How do you come up with the event ideas? Do you find that it opens up new ideas for those who visit the winery?

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From the beginnings of the Winery, Yannick often organized wine tastings events at the Winery. The idea was based on his love for good food and wines. As he loves cooking, he hosted the events and prepared everything himself for his clients. Since the Winery has joined the label « Vaud Oenotourisme », our events have become accessible to anyone and are organized each week. As we always try to follow our philosophy, we try to offer experiences around food in order to discover our wines (jazz concerts, brunch, chefs cooking at the winery, etc.), instead of only organizing wine tastings. We enjoy bringing our clients ideas and things they usually don’t get to live every day.

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