Top 4 Stellar Tips To Beat Jet Lag

Who doesn't love to travel? But we all know that jet lag is a real thing and can be hard to handle. When you find yourself out-of-sync in a new time zone it's not fun. Preparation and a little check in with self-discipline, can ensure you arrive at your destination feeling a bit more refreshed and ready for your new adventure!

Keep these tips on hand with you and use them even when you come back home! We wouldn't steer you wrong. Traveling is great, but your health and well-being is much more important. I mean, who wants to be groggy and dull on your getaway?! 

Step 1: Get Your Nutrition On

Do your best to eat healthy before and during your flight. Pack a meal to bring with you as you may not be offered the best selection of food on the plane. Refrain from in-flight alcoholic drinks (not going to lie this is very hard haha and doesn't always happen) . There is no need to throw your body more off balance than it already will be after you land. Granola bars, or anything that has protein and complex carbs, are a good option during your drive to the airport, as they support healthy immune function, liver detoxification, and cardiovascular health. Make a small grocery store run once you arrive at your new destination to stock up on water and healthy snacks.


Step 2: Move That Butt

A quick walk in your new destination, a few yoga poses in your hotel room, or a little stretching can go a long way. A light workout before your flight can relieve any stress or restlessness. Exercising after you arrive to your destination is a great way to wear yourself out so you can get a good night’s rest. There is an "east-or-west" rule that applies to exercise that can prove beneficial. If you are flying east, workout in the morning. If you are flying west, workout in the afternoon or evening.

Step 3: Get Sleep (even a nap or two)

Sleeping on the plane, even for a few hours, makes a big difference. Earplugs and an eye mask will help. Also, consider skipping any parties the night before your departure so you can put your best foot forward right off the plane.

Step 4: Kids, Stay Hydrated

Dry and pressurized airplane cabins can quickly dehydrate you, making you feel extremely fatigued. Drinking water does not stop jet lag, but it helps make sure dehydration does not compound your fatigue. If you’re feeling daring, bring an ultra-hydrating mask and put it on before your in-flight nap; celebrities do it all the time, no one’s judging!

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