Need Foolproof Fall Skin? Say Goodbye To Acne And Wrinkles And Hello To The Enzyme Facial!

Everyone knows that skincare is the ultimate beauty trick! Healthy, vibrant and soft skin is the dream but how do you get it when you live in ever-changing climate conditions? We found the gold standard - Skin By Molly’s Enzyme Mask! Our Editor-In-Chief, Lori Brown went in for her own enzyme facial and came back with glowing results. Working it’s way from the inside out, Molly’s enzyme mask and skills are tailored-made to produce your ultimate results.

We asked Molly Lamb, owner of Skin by Molly, what exactly is an Enzyme Mask?

The enzyme mask works with the underlying structure to strengthen the skins immune system. It pumps fresh oxygen into the blood stream removing toxins and impurities.

The enzymes are encased in albumin (part of an egg), which is what causes the tightening.

The actual mask dried to produce its ultimate results!

The actual mask dried to produce its ultimate results!

This process is called reverse osmosis. This treatment results in strong, healthy, glowing skin. It’s suitable for all skin types. It works wonders for acne, pigmentation and aging skin. DMK Home-care is very important to ensure optimum results. The moisturizers are all transdermal (meaning through the dermis). You mix the cream and the Herb & Mineral spray together. This polarized spray carries the cream deep into the voids of the skin resulting in true nutritional uptake.

With two locations both in Dumbo and Williamsburg and multiple skincare options, you are bound to get the ultimate 360 degree approach to foolproof fall skin.