Pushing The Boundaries: How Yosef Solomon, Founder of Fizzm.com Is Making Waves


It’s rare to find a creative director that pushes boundaries, stays true to their vision, and is focused on sharing the best products in the world with their clients. Because of this, we are excited to present our conversation with Yosef Solomon, the founder of the innovative brand Fizzm.

Established in 2012, Fizzm.com is a company that sells designer menswear, ladies fashion, luxury art, and home decor. As founder of the company, Yosef wears many hats, but he spends most of his time on Fizzm’s curation and creative efforts. Put another way, Yosef is driven to highlight the most unique and outstanding products through Fizzm, whether those products are in the worlds of art or fashion.

We spoke with Fizzm founder Yosef Solomon on a variety of topics, including how he started the company, his inspiration for the line, and how he plans on growing the brand.

Entire Magazine: How did you first start on your path toward creating Fizzm?

Yosef Solomon: My passion for creating and discovering the coolest things in the world led me to start a company that reflected just that. I ultimately started Fizzm out of my studio apartment in Beverly Hills, California. My goal was to put together a selection of curated limited-edition products, menswear, gadgets and art for a private online boutique. I officially launched Fizzm in 2012 as a private, password protected collection that quickly grew through the popularity of our limited-edition products. Soon after that, Fizzm opened to the public, and we started to grow the brand around the world. Since our launch, we have been a part of pop-up shops, art exhibitions and fashion weeks all over the world, including major cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, and Berlin.

EM: How do you find inspiration for your line? Is there a specific process that you use?

YS: The obvious or cliché answer would be to say that it’s all around us, but I’m not gonna be boring.  The truth is that finding inspiration has been a constant skill. It forces me to train my eye and enhance my taste levels by any means necessary. In the case of Fizzm, we need to continuously adapt and look for what makes us different by offering a unique take on how we see the world. This unique perspective will then emerge in the type of products we create, curate and eventually sell.


EM: Can you explain how you think about curation and what makes it important in the world of fashion eTail?

YS: We live in a world of information overload and automation. This makes it difficult for new concepts, styles and ideas to cut through the noise. The art of curation and creation have allowed us to carve out our own niche, where we can introduce new products and even present established brands in a new light.

As just one example, we’ve recently partnered with retail giants like Nordstrom and YOOX through their online distribution channels, allowing us to champion new creative ways to reach a much larger audience. The same goes for fashion lines like MCM and Giuseppe Zanotti. We have been fortunate enough to partner with these fashion lines and curate products in their collections for our audience.

EM: Starting your own line can definitely carry some pressure. How do you think about growing your brand and potential expansion?

YS: I’ve found that strategic partnerships are critical when expanding and growing the Fizzm brand. Working with a small team, it’s difficult to hit every single facet of the vision. Instead, we search for win-win relationships with others that can help us grow the brand. This strategy has proven quite valuable and we continue to make strides in teaming up with companies and brands that we admire and truly believe in.



EM: There’s no question that the pressure on a new business or goal can be significant. What have you done to help your brand grow and help in funding?

YS: Because Fizzm is a self-funded company, cash flow becomes paramount, along with the ability to hit our business goals. That said, we make sure to diversify our offerings and in-turn revenue streams with the same principles that have made us successful. We have big plans for 2019 and are excited to introduce new revenue streams that will not only benefit us, but will benefit those that believe in our ultimate vision.