#MondayMotivation: The Perfect Glow All Year Long? Glow By Beca, Thank You!

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We don't know about you but tan lines, even in the summer, are not cute when you have to go to a gala event and you have a shoulderless dress! We touched base with our girl Rebecca, Founder & Creator Of GlowByBeca to get the scoop and how to's!

Of course we wanted to go for the best option that was actually healthy for our skin, and leave it up to an Australian boss babe to deliver just that!

ENTIRE: What a perfect name for your spray tan line, GlowByBeca, how did you first start on your path?

GLOWBYBECA: Thanks! I had been running my own beauty salon for 9 yrs and tanning for over 11 years, I woke up one morning with a vision to create my own tanning product, my mum thought I was crazy and was just another idea. 

 I personally spray tan every week, getting to a salon and getting that professional spray tan is not always achievable for everyone on a weekly basis, and we have all heard of some kind of hoo-ha happening when self-tanning from home. That's When I launched GlowByBeca, a salon quality self-tanning mousse for home use. there was a lot of trials before perfecting our formulation. I started selling GlowByBeca from my own salon until the name got out the there orders started to come through online and salons started to inquire about the solution I was using and where can they get it. the ball started to roll from there, and the product spoke for itself!

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ENTIRE: We noticed your line is 100% natural, which we love, why did you decide to go that route and what are some other benefits of GlowByBeca? 

GBB: Absolutely, natural products are becoming increasingly popular as we all become more health conscious. I Personally tan every week, love knowing that what I'm applying to my skin is not harmful or toxic and is actually benefiting my skin. GlowbyBeca is Peta approved, vegan-friendly and is proud to be Australian made we are all about supporting Australian businesses.  

ENTIRE: We love the perfect glow, even in the winter, can your spray tan products keep us looking natural?

GBB: You can control the darkness of your tan. The longer you leave it on your skin the deeper and darker your tan will look. in the winter months I recommend 2-3 hrs instead of 3-4hrs, however, the color always looks natural all year round. 

ENTIRE: Is your line available to men as well?

GBB: 100% GlowByBeca is for both men and women. The men love that our tan has no scent massive bonus with the guys! Glowbybeca was the top pick last year when we had an entire Mardi gras float glowing last year! 


ENTIRE: What is some advice you give new clients when ordering your products?

GBB: To get that ultimate Glow By Beca longer lasting glowing tanned skin, the best advice is it is as easy as step 1, 2, 3. 

Grab a bundle and exfoliate your skin with our coconut coffee scrub get your skin hydrated, smooth and firm and can prep the right way. Before applying your tanning mousse and finally maintaining the glow with our extender. 

ENTIRE: Starting your own line can definitely carry some pressure, what have you done to help your brand grow and expand?

GBB: It is a constant rollercoaster ride, alongside the tanning studio I have been fortunate to be apart of several tv shows, been featured in Magazines and apart of Fashion Week. I try to help out local business and collaborate where I can. My main goal for GlowByBeca is to expand into other beauty salons, hair salons and tanning business around Australia.