In The Food & Hospitality Industry, How Do You Stand Out, Define Your Brand And Build Your Business Online To New Levels?

Photo by  Humphrey Muleba

We sat down with the experts from Mélange, a Hospitality & Food marketing and branding agency and broke open key factors leveraging your consumer insights and industry expertise. Being in the business for over ten years, Mélange built and provides an End-to-End marketing solution that compliments and enhance the food & hospitality industries on a whole new level. A team of 10+ seasoned professionals based in New York City is well-versed in all areas such a marketing, branding and brand awareness, social media, and more. Their ever-growing team delivers! Mélange works with some of New York’s most prominent restaurants and influencers, such as Sushi Seki and FoodyFetish with over 3 million followers on Instagram.

Deliver more in value than you receive in payment.


Work with the right team

The right team can make or break your business. Mélange works hand-in-hand with your team to develop a marketing strategy catered to your brand. They do this by first identifying your challenges then working a plan through them. Using existing industry tools and various online and social channels.

Develop a marketing strategy

Any successful business and brand knows their marketing strategies and intention/goals behind them. “We always ask our clients to tell us where they see themselves and how can we take you there?” Mélange takes the uncertainty out of Social Media & Digital Marketing and creates a plan of action designed to achieve your business’s vision. 

Know what clients are saying about you

You and the team that you work with have to be your eyes and ears! Mélange, for example, scours the internet, social media sites, and review websites that are most relevant to your business and your industry. They find out exactly what consumers are saying about your brand and report it back to you on a daily basis. With this, you will be able to monitor what people are saying about your brand and you can decide how you want to take action on this valuable information.

They also proactively interact with your social media users to help generate positive buzz and reviews. By using review sites like Yelp properly they are able to increase positive reviews for clients and proactively correct reoccurring issues while addressing the customer’s ongoing needs. Knowing your reputation both from clients physically coming to your place of business or leaving reviews online can only excel your business to the next level.

Communication is key

The way you present yourself is an extension of your brand. Mélange shows you how to communicate with your audience to turn your network into revenue. You learn how to communicate instantaneously with your customers and keep a direct connection to the pulse of your business.

What gets you noticed

An effective online presence and daily interaction with your consumers is vital for brand awareness and your image. Every post is a chance for more popularity. Mélange helps you create targeted social posts and newsletters. Content gives people a reason to share. Mélange takes your existing web presence and enhance it with a social media edge. Consumer engagement is key and their team creates a connection between your customer and your brand.

Where social meets physical

Social media fights the constant challenge of being tangible. Influencers have been proven to increase foot traffic by 10%- 30%. Mélange has partnered with some of the top influencers in food and travel to bring awareness to your brand and bring even more results to your services. The power of the right and authentic influence experience only adds more interest to your restaurant or hotel and that sounds ideal to us.