How to Design a Small Living Space Into a Luxury Abode


The idea of luxury living and all the images you see on Instagram can keep you in a daydream state of luxury design. However, if you don’t live in a luxury apartment or can’t afford a luxury home designer - do not fret. We’ve updated some simple ways to make your living space look like a luxury “insta” home. Whether you’re starting off in a new place or need to revamp your current home to fit your needs, these tips can help inspire some change when it is time to decorate your small living space. Furthermore, if a home is where the heart is it never hurts to download some fun home design apps or follow your favorite Instagram peeps for inspiration!

Art makes the world go round

Placing art in your home can automatically make it feel like inspiring. Whether it is a framed print or canvas, having art in your home feels luxurious and special. From photography to paintings, you can emulate a feeling of elegance and intrigue. Utilize your wall space or place art on desks and bureaus. Be inspired in your small living space and create your own art gallery!

Windows and natural light

This could be stated a thousand times and still wouldn’t be said enough, take advantage of your windows when you decorate! The natural light is good for you and will brighten up your small living space, but the big advantage is the fact that you will be seeing more than the four corners of your room. Looking out onto the streets of the big city or a view of your backyard opens up your room and creates the effect of more space. Match some thin curtains to your wall color to keep continuity and bring privacy all at once. Don’t have a window? Hang a mirror on your wall to mimic the feel of an expanded space.

Double duty furniture

When the place you call home isn’t quite as large as your lifestyle, keep in mind the furniture you decide to put into it. If you often have guests, but not always the ones you want to share a bed with, invest in a sleeper sofa or adjustable couch to give your guests a place to rest their heads. Make a rule to only purchase tables with storage when you decorate. Bedside tables, coffee tables, and desks should all have drawers to keep your belongings hidden. That way even your magazines, pens, remote controls, and unmentionables will have a specific home to be returned to. Check out West Elm for some great double duty furniture for your decoration needs!

Simplicity is key

Loud patterns and colors quickly make a small living space feel small, and that’s the exact opposite of what you want. Decorate with simplicity in mind. Light, pastel colors in solids or simple patterns are the best choices when decorating in this style. Pick one or two key shades to buy items in and go from there. Too many focal points are just as busy as the louder patterns. And add plants or a beautiful concoction of flowers that can be your pop of color. Plants and natural elements bring a sense of peace and elegance to any home.


Last but not least - don’t buy big!

This may seem a little obvious, but it must be stated. Large pieces of furniture take up too much space in a small room. Don’t invest in that giant cozy chair because you think it’s pretty if it won’t fit in your home. Decorate smart, and you’ll be living smart. Consider these solutions when you find yourself feeling a little cramped, and you’ll see big changes in your small living.