Editor's Note: Influencing Hitting a Plateau? How To Be Better At It, Is All In The Details


Being an “influencer” in today’s realm is beyond an exhausting even thinking about it. Whether you a person of influence or a brand, you have to remember one strong thing - you have to LOVE what you do not just post for the money. Asking yourself questions like “What do I give to my audience?” or “How does this help my followers?” are the questions you need to ask yourself. Everyone wants to be an influencer and quit their 9-to-5 for the idea or inflated concept of being an influencer but this does not happen overnight. Once you realize that you are on a realistic path and just like any business model, you have to have a plan. Seeing that almost everyone wants to be an influencer or at least influence to grow their brand and quit their 9-to-5 for the idea of being an influencer just won't cut it these days. Even the best will agree - having followers doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.

We went in and decided to share some points that might help you stand out, grow or even become a more intuitive “influencer” that makes a difference in such a polluted arena.

Know your passion

Do you know what sets your soul on fire? What makes you truly happy? Ask yourself this before any attempt to try and convince others. Just like the saying you can’t truly love someone else until you love yourself, the exact same goes for your attempt to be an influencer. Unless you can create bot that does everything for you-you actually have to know what you love and who you are and share that. When I started Entire Magazine, there was one thing very clear (after many attempts of failing) I absolutely loved traveling and sharing and building a community. I was a girl in a very strict Portuguese family, and even though I am grateful every day for my culture and family, I was a woman who wanted to be free - a hard concept to swallow in a male-dominated family structure. Even the idea of me living in foreign lands by myself set my parents in an uproar, but I knew the only way to break any ceilings and do what truly made me happy - I had to find my passion. So a lot of fights later and now, my family backs me in every way and even boasts on how much I have traveled and lived. Sharing the stories of my adventures and experiences, have brought a smile to their faces. After many of battles, bouts of depression and a lot praying - I finally found myself and what I love (when it comes to business). I keep on growing and actually live the lifestyle we share on here in Entire Magazine, and so does anyone who is apart of it. You can do this too. Find this out and you already prevailed.

...in order to be a good “influencer”, you must be of good influence.
— Editor-In-Chief Lori Brown

Identify your brand and build around it

A wrong move of being an “influencer” and a pro social media is trying to do and be too much. Stop it. Every single day we’re inundated with images, graphics, videos, etc. all promoting business, people and products. It’s a lot! And it becomes human nature to try to emulate it. Don’t. Identify your brand and build around that. Being inspired by other influencers and brands is always a good idea, however to thine own self be true is what you have to instill in your thoughts. Thanks, Shakespeare. Every writer knows, in order to be a good writer you must be a good reader and in order to be a good “influencer”, you must be of good influence. Let me clear that up. Influence as a noun means you have the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. As a verb - have an influence on. These definitions alone should make you stop and think. “Am I being of good influence?” Posting a beautiful does make you a person of influence but the authenticity and story behind it will. Which moves us into the next concept.

Think ahead and focus on consistency

Similar to scheduling your next vacation; you look at your funds, search for flights, book everything ahead of time, prep all necessary documents, and pack. The exact same tactic comes in to play when knowing and building a brand to become of influence. Know your stories and posts ahead of time. See what it looks like in your feed. Set a schedule for posting. Be consistent. Invest in your influence before hand. There are plenty a beautiful scheduling apps and online sites that can help with all of this. I am always on the go here, and the one thing I am certain of is - I cannot stand looking at my phone all day. I want my eyes and thoughts to be unrestricted by the social chaos and not be controlled by it. I choose when I want to engage and then it feels exciting and fun! A company that we use to schedule posts after seeing what they look like in our feed could be one of my all time favorites, Sprout Social.

Work with trusted company

It’s been said the five main people in your circle show you who you are. To be honest, I am not so sure about that but I do know being supported and surrounded by like-minded energies - influences your success. No one, when I first started Entire Magazine understood why in the world I wanted to start a publication in a competitive market. Would we make money, would we survive? I immediately cut that noise out of my head! Or a very real thing when you start a “magazine,” can you feature what is making me money for free? Cut that out too!

Influence can come at a price and you have to know what yours is. I don’t mean charging people, I mean choose to work with trusted company. People that can lift you and values your worth, and you do the exact same for them. I made sure that I surrounded myself with real entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries, the hungry and the not so hungry, motivators and god-fearing folks - who understood what I was going through and how to push through to succeed. I have been fortunate enough to struggle so bad it really taught me to never give up, and most of all God instilled an unwavering faith to believe. How can I let that go? I can’t. You shouldn't either. From point one, find your passion - know your passion and go from there.

In order to be an influencer you have to surround yourself with other influencers, find out the who, what, where, when, why and how’s - the ABC’s of a structured story. You can also ask for support or help through agencies that are real in helping influencers get on the map. One of our other friends and mentor companies that can help is Muze International, is a full-service influencer agency representing food, lifestyle, and travel creatives around the world and can help elevate or start you on an authentic path of influence.

Hope this can help anyone or brand to flourish, remember let your pages reflect who you are naturally and organically. If you don’t know your brand just yet, don’t get discouraged. Focus and find. Entire Magazine went through many layers before it became a travel and lifestyle publication. Never give up and manifest your true minds calling - yes, I said mind. See what you want in your thoughts and you are one step ahead of the game.

Written by Editor-In-Chief Lori Brown

Written by Editor-In-Chief Lori Brown