Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: Inside TRIBU With Boss Babe Susana Gutierrez Hoyos

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It is clear as day, with all the fashion magazines and our media world, what is the new trend and what is not. Sometimes, we just need to take it back and give back. We fell in love with Tribu the moment we connected to them; even more so for what the bracelets stand for and what they do for the people. We sat with designer and owner of the brand, Susana Gutierrez Hoyos, and found out more on Tribu bracelets and how they came to be. What we learned, warmed our hearts and we are pretty sure it'll warm yours too.

This simple but meaningful word represents the people who wear them but more important the special women who make them. 
— Susana Gutierrez Hoyos

Where did the name Tribu come from?

In the early stages, my focus was my direct network of friends and family. I knew the bracelets will be appealing to them as these are women that really appreciate handmade products, like wearing unique clothing, see value in good quality garments and embrace life by celebrating colours and culture. After, some time I came to realise that it was a type of a tribe, that´s when the link between my friends/customers, the bracelets and the name come to light. Tribu means Tribe in Spanish, Tribu Bracelets come from Colombia and so I. This simple but meaningful words represents the people who wear them but more important the special women who make them. 

How did you first start on your path?

While visiting an Indigenous and cultural exhibition in a small town in Colombia, I found some bracelets amongst the diversity of incredible items at the show. These bracelets and the story behind them caught my heart and bought some for me and as gifts for friends. Once I returned to Australia, I kept thinking of them so I commenced my search which took several months, I finally found and was able to make them available in the market. 

What is your process for finding inspiration for the line?

Colombia is a country full of colour and inspiration, and the most amazing is that even though there is a lack of resources they are passionate about their culture, remain happy and thrive in life. The woman who make these bracelets are single mothers who don’t have any other financial support for their families. But they are still happy, they enjoy making the bracelets and all this  passion is reflected in the vibrant colours they use and in the different patterns.

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Starting your own line can definitely carry some pressure, what have you done to help your brand grow and expand?

I just started with Tribu a few months ago, still have a long way to grow, but I think from the very beginning you have to operate within your capabilities but always think and aim big. For instance, Tribu’s pictures are taken by an amazing photographer, Camila Gutierrez. I had a beautiful model for a shoot as well. These have helped my brand to look bigger, more professional, trustworthy and as a result, it attracts people who actually like your product, the aesthetic and what it represents. 

What is some advice you can give new aspiring jewelry designers?

I think that every designer needs to be proud of their creation, if they love what they produced then it is easier to communicate and sell your story, you have to know and believe that it is amazing so project, then people will believe you! Don’t let your mind get stuck in a box, make not to leave any detail out, think about surroundings of the actuals product, such as the packaging, the way you communicate to customers, what you are aiming your brand to represent and so on. While you are using your imagination, also make sure that your potential clients can understand the message you are trying to get out there with your designs.  

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