So, You Want To Be A Staycationer Do You?


Who Doesn't Need some r&R At Least Once A Year?

If you travel, vacation or hope to vacation, it's time you know better. They work with companies to help promote the importance of employee vacations and is now open to the public. They provide the most comprehensive booking portal with over 700,000 locations (plus cars, flights, cruises, wellness getaways and activities). Employee receives $1,000 Wellness Dollars (WD) each year that take dollar for dollar off the online rate to the lowest wholesale rate possible - guaranteed. 

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SuiteBreak has now upped the ante and is giving you $1800 Wellness Dollars (points) for only $37 for the year. That's lunch for two, and you'll save 21 times that on any and all travel. Say for example, you want to stay at the W Hotel in Miami and it's $500 a night with your reward points it can be close to 70 percent off! There is a huge variety of stays, cruises and more inside SuiteBreak and just in case you didn't know, we've been using SuiteBreak to travel for the past 2 years and we love it! 

They are even offering a bonus for those who sign up to refer friends or family, and get $300 Wellness Dollars (points) bonus. If you ever wanted to get a jump on your travel career or social media in travel, now is the time!

Let's break that down one more time!

• Earn $1800 Wellness Dollars (Points) to use towards your travel for major discounts.

• Refer A Friend & Recieve Another $300 Wellness Dollars (Points) to build your Points for more travel discounts.

• Travel the world on a great budget!

• Be apart of a larger community that stands behind your health and wellness and helps you travel more, live more and be happy!

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If you don't like it for any reason, you'll get a full refund. All we ask is a reason so we can make us better. Contact us with any questions and join below!