How To Up Your Social Media Game

Of the nearly three billion active Internet users in the world today, it’s estimated that over two billion of them have at least one social media account. The explosion of social networking is allowing influencers and businesses to reach current and potential followers and customers like never before. Social media has changed the way we relay and absorb information, and if you or your business is not taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunity social media brings, you could be losing out in a big way.

Quality vs. Quantity

Brands now know that the one thing that they could definitely depend on for authenticity is engagement.

There are no more days where brands pay or invest in influencers just because they have millions of followers. The real ROI for them lies in how many people they can actually pull back to their brand after they work with an influencer, and how invested their followers are in the partnerships they make. No more fighting or buying followers, now it's about quality versus quantity and how real engagement and excitement for a brand is shown.

If you’re an influencer with a small but engaged audience, know that you have the ability to grow and shine out some who has 100K followers. Brands are more willing to collaborate with you; rather than throwing money at millions of impressions with no real promise of a solid ROI. If you are struggling with your social engagement performance and want to activate a more engaged audience, don't fret. New apps such as Muses is a great way to start!

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 Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Think about the most well-known brands in the world today: one thing they are all guaranteed to have in common is an engaging, active social media presence. Create compelling content that will spark shares and engagement, and be effective and supportive back! Instead of brand spending millions of dollars on advertising they can pay YOU! 

Be Authentic

Make sure you can always deliver for yourself, your audience and the brand investing in you. Do not mislead them - transparency is key. Even more so because they can see exactly what you are doing. Most of all, be authentic to your audience. Never lose sight of them. Take that extra step to TRULY engage, and see how your audience returns the favor by staying loyal to you. Don't just comment with "cool photo" or "love it," add more! If someone can take the time out to add a great comment on your post, you have the time to do the same.

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