3 Tips On How To Boost Your Energy

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It may not always be easy, but being your best and healthy self will empower you and in return help others! Isn't that what we all need? When it comes to our lifestyle we know what we can help others with but when we need to incorporate all that good advice to our own consciousness - we fall flat. Take back your power and live in love with yourself, so you can send that love to others! Being fatigued is no joke and can lead to other issues such as depression. You may think eating a protein bar or ingesting an energy drink will solve the problem but it is quite the opposite. These products last for a short period of time and may cause you more health problems later on.

Less is always more so taking these few simple steps can do wonders in boosting your energy levels! If your energy levels are not changing, definitely speak to a health professional to get exactly what you need! 

Foodie Life

Eat clean for at least a week. Try to cut out sugar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and chemicals. Now, we know that can be a lot but give a whirl. if it is too much too soon, simply adjust your menu to include healthy foods such as grass-fed beef and wild, steamed or grilled fish. Eat smaller portions of cooked non-gluten grains such as oatmeal or quinoa. Try to have more vegetables, berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Drink water with lemon in the morning and fresh or raw vegetable juices and organic broth.

Supplement Time

Take vitamins and supplements. Ingesting supplements may speed along certain metabolic pathways that are nutrient-dependent. These get sluggish when those nutrients are in short supply. Take Coenzyme Q10, an effective antioxidant that works to help the functioning of your heart. It works for both men and women and should be taken as directed on label.

Photo by  Kevin Bhagat  

Photo by Kevin Bhagat 

Move To Your Own Beat

Doing exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week is a stress reducer and an energy booster. Do a 15-minute routine the moment you wake up if you can, such as running or brisk walking and squats or push-ups. You can progress to 30-minute when you feel ready! These exercises send oxygen and nutrients to your brain and improve your circulation. One of the best parts about exercising (even though you may dread it at first) is exercise gives you that "feel-good" endorphins rush throughout your body and makes you feel energized. We love us some Equinox for our gym and you have so many options out there to choose from. It is a great feeling when you are in tune with your body as well as your body giving back to you!

Listen up! One of the major takeaways is to simply LOVE yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. If there is one thing we have learned, is if you don't love yourself fully you can never truly love anyone else. And, why wouldn't you want to LOVE yourself? You're AMAZING in every way. Never forget that! Surround yourself with people that love you and encourage, that always supplies your brain and soul with lots of energy!

Keep us informed on your progress and share your tips with us in the comments below. Tag us on Entire's Instagram to share and be supported by a pretty amazing community. We love you!

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