Juice It Up!

People wonder on this topic a lot, but let’s keep it simple. You can get a boost for the day while also getting nutrients and a cleanse by juicing! Doesn’t sound like such a horrible way to get what you need packed in a little juice, right? Here is the trick, blend everything in your juicer and drink it ASAP. This way you get all the benefits from the nutrients and have no excuses! It tastes great, looks awesome and nourishes you. Juice is also so easily made while traveling on the go and keeping yourself healthy while you're traveling is key to a healthy lifestyle.


You can also play with this recipe; add or remove ingredients or make more for a larger group. There is nothing like fresh mades juices and just remember on some festive days and nights you can easily add champagne or alcohol for a little spike!

For The Juice You'll Need:

2 Limes (Cleanse)

1 Cucumber (Fresh)

½ Watermelon (Hydrate)

3 Leaves of green kale (Fiber, iron, vitamins K, A and Calcium)

2 Green Apples (Fiber, Vitamins C, A and B6)

Blend everything up and keep chilled.

Juice & Enjoy!