Does Social Media Really Increase Brand Awareness and Increase Your Sales?

Of the nearly three billion active Internet users in the world today, it’s estimated that over two billion of them have at least one social media account. The explosion of social networking is allowing businesses to reach current and potential customers like never before. Social media has changed the way we relay and absorb information, and if your business is not taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunity social media brings, you could be losing out in a big way.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your business should be taking advantage of social media:

Increase Brand Awareness in Real-Time, How So?

The ability to weigh in on events as they are unfolding is powerful. Social media helps all kinds of companies, be it big box retailers, fast food chains, or luxury automotive brands, stay relevant in our ever-changing world. Additionally, social media is up and running 24/7, which means that you can reach customers at any time – an invaluable advantage.

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Think about the most well-known brands in the world today: one thing they are all guaranteed to have in common is an engaging, active social media presence. If your business has yet to discover all that the social media world has to offer, what are you waiting for? Consider turning to a professional social media manager, hiring someone either in-house or through an agency that has experience in marketing brands similar in size and scope to yours via social media. Not only can a professional social media manager create compelling content that will spark shares and engagement, but they can also ensure your advertising dollars are being spent most effectively and that you continue to see results from all your social media efforts in the future.

Cheap, Targeted Advertising and Measurable ROI

Paid social advertising is one of the cheapest digital marketing options available. For a few cents per click, you can promote your products or services to an incredibly wide audience. Most social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat also allow advertisers to select the audience to serve its content to based on a range of factors, including gender, age, interests and affiliations, and more.

Furthermore, thanks to the trackability of social advertising, you can directly see how your advertising dollars turned into sales, subscriptions, web traffic, and increased brand awareness.

Leads to Increased Sales

One of the biggest changes that the rise of social media has brought about is the lowering of the wall between corporations and the public. A brand’s social media page humanizes it in a way and allows businesses to directly interact with consumers. This humanization leads to a building of trust in a brand, which, in turn, directly affects conversion rates.

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